Jet2 is classed as a low-cost airline based in the United Kingdom that operates scheduled and charter flights. It is the third-largest scheduled airline in the United Kingdom, trailing only EasyJet and British Airways.

The airline gets many good reviews and people are happy with their low-cost flights. But does the airline offer any connectivity or inflight options on its flights? Read this blog to find out if offers WiFi on its aircrafts.

Jet2 Airline Overview

Airline Full Limited
HeadquartersLeeds Bradford Airport, England
Frequent-flyer Program NameMyJet2 Rewards
In-Flight Wi-FiNot Available
Wi-Fi ProviderNot Available
Pets Allowed?No

Jet2 Airlines WiFi

While WiFi on airlines are becoming more common and studies reveal that more passengers have an interest for in-flight WiFi, Jet2 Airlines does not currently offer it on any of its aircrafts.

The airline has been around since 2003 as and to maintain the ultra low-cost airline category, or as Jet2 refers “Friendly Low Fares”, the airline has opted not to add inflight WiFi or TV’s to its aircrafts.

The airline is very minimal, without power outlets and no inflight entertainment.

facebook comment from jet2
Jet2 response confirming that the airline does not have Wi-Fi access

If you wish to occupy yourself during the flight, we suggest you bring a fully charged laptop, phone or tablet and have downloaded your content for offline viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Jet2 Serve Alcohol?

Jet2 does serve alcoholic drinks which are paid for during the flight. maintains the right, at its sole discretion, to provide alcoholic beverages.

Jet2 does not allow you to bring your own hot food or hot drinks onboard. They do have a range of food and beverages available for purchase throughout your flight.

Does Jet2 Have TVs On the Plane?

Jet2 aircrafts do not have in-flight entertainment or seatback TVs.

Inside of a Jet2 Aircraft

What is Jet2 Airline Mission and Vision Statement

Jet2 mission is “…working as one team to create memories our customers will want to talk to their families about”.

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