Sun Country Airlines has been awarded a 3-Star Low-Cost Airlines rating for the quality of its airport, onboard food, and employee service. Its ranking is determined on cabin comfort, luggage system, onboard food and drinks, cabin cleanliness, and cabin and ground crew service.

The airline is an American passenger and freight carrier that ranks 9th in the United States in terms of passengers served. Because of the airline’s low-cost model to make flying as affordable as possible, Sun Country does not offer in-flight Wi-Fi on it’s planes.

Flying on a budget airline can be tough. Safety and service usually take a backseat to cost. Sun Country is affordable and reliable, but what alternatives do they have to weigh off the lack of in-flight WiFi, which are quickly becoming a standard on many US airlines.

Airline Details

Airline Full NameSun Country Airlines
HeadquartersMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
Frequent-flyer Program NameSun Country Rewards
In-Flight Wi-FiNot Available
Wi-Fi ProviderNot Available

Does Sun Country Airlines Have WiFi?

Sun Country Airlines (SY) does not offer in-flight Wi-Fi plans (free or paid) to passengers. However, Sun Country aircrafts are equipped with AirFi which allow you to get free in-flight entertainment and streaming to your devices while flying.

So, if you love to work from the skies with WiFi, then you’re in luck if travelling with Sun Country Airlines. The airline mentions they they do not plan to offer any in-flight WiFi (free or paid) in the near future.

Sun Country AirFi

Sun Country Airlines’ AirFi Network is a closed network where you can use your own smartphone, tablet, or laptop to stream TV shows and movies or play games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sun Country Have TVs On the Plane?

Sun Country Airlines do not have seat-back TVs on their aircrafts. As an alternative their planes are fitted with an AirFi system, allowing guests to take advantage of their own free in-flight entertainment which you can stream to your phones or laptops onboard.

How Can I Contact Sky Country?

To contact Sun Country, you can use the following methods:

What is Sun Country’s Mission Statement

Sun Country’s mission is “The airline that offers leisure travellers safe, reliable service at a great price to affordably connect guests to their favourite people, places and memories.”

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