Qatar Airways Company, also known as Qatar Airways, is Qatar’s state-owned flag carrier. Qatar Airways uses a collection of more than 200 aircraft to fly to over 150 different geographies in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania.

Qatar Airways’ fleet of aircrafts is equipped with both standard (OnAir WiFi) and high-speed internet branded as “Super WiFi.”

While the airline’s original version of in-flight internet was poorly welcomed due to slow speeds and connectivity issues, Qatar Airways has been hard at work implementing a new high-speed alternative called Super WiFi on its aircrafts, which promises a considerably better browsing experience.

Airline Details

Airline Full NameQatar Airways
HeadquartersQatar Airways Tower, Doha
Frequent-flyer Program NameQatar Airways Privilege Club (Qmiles)
In-Flight Wi-FiPaid
Wi-Fi ProviderOoredoo

Qatar Airlines WiFi

Qatar Airways flights offer in-flight internet via two paid WiFi plans, depending on the aircraft: Standard OnAir WiFi and Super WiFi.

Qatar Airways flights have inflight internet only for certain long-range and some shorter-range flights:

  • Standard OnAir Wi-Fi is available on the B787-8 aircrafts only.
  • Super Wi-Fi is up to ten times quicker than the standard Wi-Fi. It is accessible on every Boeing 777 and A350 aircraft.

Therefore, booking an Airbus A350 or Boeing 777 with QSuites will most probably guarantee Super WiFi connectivity.

However, the airline also provides 30 minutes to 1 hour of complimentary Wi-Fi to all passengers. This is unlimited to use for the first hour of being connected and you are able to browse the internet without limits.

Once you’re above 10 000 feet, you can use your electronic gadgets to connect to the internet, send messages, and send emails to stay in touch with everyone on the ground.

Qatar Airlines Super WiFi sponsored by Ooredoo

Super WiFi

For its in-flight Super Wi-Fi plan, Qatar Airways has teamed with Ooredoo for it’s WiFi connectivity. This connections is much faster than the standard WiFi and provides substantial speed increase which supports uploads and downloads which are perfect for working on flights.

Expected speeds on Super WiFi are between 5Mbps to 10Mbps.

Standard OnAir WiFi

The standard WiFi plans are based on somewhat out-dated technologies by Oryx One Communications. The WiFi coverage on this option depends on the number of users connected on the flight. From our experience, the speeds are poor with constant Wi-Fi drops due to a lack of coverage.

The pricing for Qatar Airways WiFi plans are listed below.

WiFi OptionsPriceData Limit
Super WiFi (Entire Flight)$10.00Unlimited
Standard OnAir WiFi (3 hours)$10.00100 MB
Standard OnAir WiFi (Entire Flight)$20.00200 MB
WiFi plans on selected Qatar Airways aircraft

It’s worth noting that Qatar Airways gives free Wi-Fi codes on specific trips, but only if you book online with them. If you would like to pay for Super WiFi before your flight, we recommened checking-in online to your Qatar flight 24 hours before departure and look for a section on the check-in page to purchase in-flight WiFi. The price of Super WiFi is purchased here is $8 instead of the $10 on the flight. The promo code can be entered on your device during the flight.

Instructions to Connect to Qatar Airways WiFi?

Follow the steps to connect to Qatar WiFi once you’ve boarded your aircraft:

  1. Check that your phone is in Airplane Mode.
  2. Turn on your WiFi device and look for “OryxComms” or similar in the list of detected networks.
  3. On the WiFi interface which loads up, choose your plan from the available free and paid options.
  4. If the Wi-Fi interface does not load automatically, open a browser and load up any site, and you should be redirected to the Qatar login portal.
  5. If you choose a paid plan, enter your details required and payment information and you’ll be connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Qatar Airlines WiFi SSID?

The SSID is ‘OryxComms’.

How Much Does Qatar WiFi Cost?

Qatar Airlines WiFi cost between $8 to $20 depending on the aircraft and flight path. The airline offers complimentary WiFi access for all passengers to use for 30 mins to 1 hour.

Which Flights is Super WiFi available?

Flying fromFlight number
Addis Ababa (ADD)QR1428
Adelaide (ADL)QR915
Amman (AMM)QR401 & QR403
Amsterdam (AMS)QR274
Ardana (ARN)QR168 & QR170
Barcelona (BCN)QR138 & QR146
Beirut (BEY)QR417 & QR419
Bangkok (BKK)QR833, QR835, QR837, QR839 & QR981
Bengaluru (BLR)QR573
Brisbane (BNE)QR913
Mumbai (BOM)QR557
Boston (BOS)QR744
Guangzhou (CAN)QR875
Paris (CDG)QR038, QR040 & QR042
Jakarta (CGK)QR955 & QR957
CMB (Colombo)QR665 & QR669
Casablanca (CMN)QR1394
Kochi (COK)QR517
Copenhagen (CPH)QR160 & QR162
Cape Town (CPT)1370 & 1372
Dhaka (DAC)QR639 & QR641
Delhi (DEL)QR579
Dallas (DFW)QR730
Rome (FCO)QR116 & QR132
Frankfurt (FRA)QR068 & QR070
Sao Paulo (GRU)QR774
Geneva (GVA)QR100 & QR102
Hanoi (HAN)QR977
Helsinki (HEL)QR302
Hangzhou (HGH)QR891
Hong Kong (HKG)QR815 & QR817
Phuket (HKT)QR841 & QR979
Washington D.C. (IAD)QR708
Houston (IAH)QR714
Seoul (ICN)QR859
Tehran (IKA)QR483, QR491 & QR499
Islamabad (ISB)QR615 & QR633
Istanbul (IST)QR615 & QR633
New York City (JFK)QR702 & QR704
Johannesburg (JNB)QR1364, QR1366, QR1368 & QR1378
Karachi (KHI)QR605 & QR611
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)QR849 & QR853
Kuwait (KWI)QR1071, QR1081, QR1087 & QR1089
Los Angeles (LAX)QR740
Lahore (LHE)QR621 & QR629
London Heathrow (LHR)QR004, QR006, QR008, QR010 & QR016
Chennai (MAA)QR529
Madrid (MAD)QR148 & QR150
Manchester (MAN)QR022 & QR028
Muscat (MCT)QR1127, QR1129, QR1137 & QR1149
Melbourne (MEL)QR905
Miami (MIA)QR778
Male (MLE)QR675
Manila (MNL)QR929 & QR933
Munich (MUC)QR058 & QR060
Milan (MXP)QR124 & QR128
Nairobi (NBO)QR1342
Tokyo (NRT)QR807
Chicago (ORD)QR726
Oslo (OSL)QR176 & QR180
Beijing (PEK)QR895
Perth (PER)QR901
Philadelphia (PHL)QR728
Shanghai (PVG)QR871
Istanbul (SAW)QR238
Ho Chi Minh (SGN)QR971
Singapore (SIN)QR945 & QR947
Sydney (SYD)QR909
Berlin (TXL)QR082
Montreal (YUL)QR764
Zurich (ZRH)QR094 & QR096
Doha (DOH)QR003, QR007, QR009, QR015, QR021, QR027, QR037, QR039, QR041, QR057, QR059, QR067, QR069, QR081, QR093, QR095, QR099, QR101, QR113, QR115, QR117, QR123, QR127, QR131, QR137, QR141, QR145, QR147, QR149, QR159, QR161, QR167, QR169, QR175, QR179, QR237, QR239, QR245, QR273, QR301, QR400, QR402, QR416, QR418, QR482, QR490, QR498, QR516, QR528, QR556, QR572, QR578, QR604, QR610, QR614, QR620, QR628, QR632, QR638, QR640, QR664, QR668, QR672, QR701, QR703, QR705, QR707, QR713, QR725, QR727, QR729, QR739, QR743, QR763, QR773, QR777, QR806, QR816, QR818, QR830, QR832, QR834, QR836, QR842, QR844, QR848, QR858, QR870, QR874, QR890, QR892, QR900, QR904, QR908, QR912, QR914, QR928, QR932, QR934, QR942, QR946, QR956, QR958, QR962, QR970, QR976, QR978, QR980, QR1070, QR1080, QR1086, QR1088, QR1126, QR1128, QR1136, QR1148, QR1341, QR1363, QR1365, QR1367, QR1369, QR1371, QR1393, QR1427
Super Wi-Fi is available on the flights listed

Is Qatar Airline WiFi Free?

Qatar Airways offers free WiFi access for all passengers to use for 30 mins to 1 hour.

What is Qatar Airways Mission Statement

Qatar Airways mission statement is to”put Safety first with the highest standards of safety and security Customer focus-providing genuine service and hospitality

What is Qatar Airways Vision Statement

Qatar Airways vision is “to establish operational excellence in delivering our promise to our clients

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