JetBlue provides free, high-speed Wi-Fi called “Fly-Fi” on all of its planes, allowing passengers to stay connected inflight. The airline partners with ViaSat to offer the fastest broadband speeds in the sky, enabling streaming, browsing, texting, and more.

Airline Details

Airline Full NameJetBlue Airlines
HeadquartersLong Island City, New York, United States
Frequent-flyer Program NameTrueBlue
In-Flight Wi-FiFree Fly-Fi WiFi
Wi-Fi ProviderViasat
Pets Allowed?Yes, in cabin (on certain flights only)

Jet Blue WiFi (Fly-Fi)

JetBlue Airlines provides free onboard Wi-Fi via its Fly-Fi network. The WiFi is branded “Fly-Fi” and provides good coverage on all seats of the aircraft, with estimated speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 15Mbps.

JetBlue flights span the whole of the United States. The Caribbean and Central America are now better served by Airbus A320 and A321neo planes. The Airbus A321 Long Range aircraft now provides extended coverage to and from London.

Instructions to Connect to JetBlue Airline WiFi?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to connect to JetBlue’s inflight WiFi:

  1. Turn on your device and make sure Airplane Mode is on.
  2. Go to your wifi settings and turn wifi on.
  3. Look for the “Fly-Fi” network and connect to it.
  4. Open your internet browser. You may be automatically directed to the login page. If not, go to
  5. Follow the sign-in instructions on the portal page. You’ll likely need to enter your booking code and email.

Remember that you might need to turn off Airplane Mode first before using the WiFi. JetBlue offers free high-speed wifi throughout the flight so you can browse, stream, message, and more from takeoff to landing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Contact JetBlue Regarding Their WiFi?

If you have issues with JetBlue’s Fly-Fi wifi during your flight, here are a few options you can use to contact their customer support for assistance:

  • Contact their customer support via WhatsApp
  • Use the live chat feature on their website – go to and click the chat icon in the corner.

Call their support numbers from your country below:

Europe Phone Numbers:

LocationPhone Number

North America Phone Numbers:

LocationPhone Number
United States1-800-538-2583
Costa Rica0800-012-1666
Cuba800 52583
Dominican Republic809-200-9898
Grand Cayman1-855-710-2951
Saint Lucia1-877-766-9614
St. Maarten001-877-306-4939
Turks & Caicos1-877-390-5447

Other Places:

LocationPhone Number
All other countries (toll call)1-801-449-2525

What Is JetBlue WiFi SSID?

The SSID is ‘FlyFi’.

What is Fly-Fi?

JetBlue Airline’s WiFi service is known as Fly-Fi, and is available from gate to gate, eliminating the need for passengers to wait until the plane reaches cruising altitude to connect. Passengers are permitted to use their electronic devices from the minute they board the plane.

Which Devices Work On Fly-Fi?

All of today’s modern devices should be compatible with Jet Blue’s Fly-Fi WiFi. Supported devices include:

  • Windows and Mac Computers
  • Android smartphones and Android Tablets
  • iPhones and iPads
  • Amazon Fire devices

How To Fix JetBlue Fly-Fi Not Working?

Has your device indicated it’s “Connected” but the connection doesn’t fully work when you browse?

The following has been reported as a working solution for some passengers:

  • The in-flight wifi may be disabled by JetBlue for take-off and landing. (Despite it being labelled as gate-to-gate WiFi)
  • Wait a few minutes until take-off is complete.
  • Go to your device WiFi settings and “Forget” the FlyFi network.
  • Restart your laptop or mobile.
  • Go to WiFi settings again and connect to the FlyFi network.
  • Launch your browser and wait for sign in instructions.
  • Do a test on the JetBlue airline website to see if you are connected.

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